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Wersja polska
Małgorzata Bundzewicz, March 2013  |  Jan Kawiorski, September 2004
The world around us carries many events that gain new values and begin living their own lives when captured by an artist painter. An intimate everyday diary is created where the noticed reality is painted. Pondering over the reality by means of showing light through the open door, a translucent piece of paper or painting a figure in places close yet significant is like memorising simple things and events that only an artist can bring about from his imagination. Such attempts to present the world seen without emotions, showing just the transitory values of the moment and efforts to display them have been taken up by various artists. The most natural association is with Edward Hopper who saw and painted towns and urban situations, the dense atmosphere of suburbs, night encounters and conversations – creating the mood with light and shade, dark and bright colours. He painted also what he saw through his window – sadness, melancholy, loneliness, alienation, meditation, and... silence.
Similar silence can be found in George de la Tour`s works, perhaps in Jan Vermeer`s paintings, or the ones created by Balthus and Mark Rothko. They all effectively isolated themselves from the outside bustle in their works. Herman`s paintings complete and prolong the same kind of noticing simple but beautiful, everyday but important things. Wandering through the places is taken out of the urban space, but noted in a distinct, artistic way by the painter. It is a record of everyday events to which the imprint of significance has been added. Wojtek Herman with his works becomes a part of the great tradition of the contemplative art, the art that does not call for rebellion but makes one meditate...

Małgorzata Bundzewicz, March 2013
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